The Bedouin Treasure Hunt

Can you uncover the lost treasure of the Bedouin?

The Bedouin Treasure Hunt

Use your team’s collective strategic institution to find the coveted treasure of the Bedouin. This treasure was said to have been the lost property of a Bedouin merchant, who was making an expedition from Liwa to Fujairah back in the 1930s. As the story goes, he fell ill on his journey and had to make an unscheduled stop somewhere in Margham. It is said that he left three treasure boxes hidden in the desert. Ultimately though, the merchant would succumb to his illness, taking the location of the treasures with him to his grave. After news of their father’s demise, his three children sought out the treasure, wasting years with no reward. Their loss, however, may just be your gain, because you now have the chance to claim the Bedouin’s lost treasure as your own!



Our package includes:

-Transport to & from Dubai
-Experienced & qualified instructors
-Soft drinks & water
-Canopy, carpets, & cushions
-BBQ dinner
-Navigation equipment & metal detector



What to bring:

-Loose, comfortable clothing
-A hat and sunglasses
-Trainers/Sand Shoes
-Jumper/Jacket (November – March)
-Mobile phone with camera (at least one per team)
-Personal medications if you are on prescription



This activity includes:

-A specific timeline
-Briefing before the activity and a debrief once the activity is complete
-Any materials required for the activity will be provided
-Activities can be either fun or learning-focused, depending upon your requirements.


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