Beach Olympics

A recreational celebration of sport and camaraderie!

Beach Olympics

Dive into the excitement of Explorer Events’ Beach Olympics, where participants vie for Olympic glory against the stunning backdrop of a safe coastal locale. Teams remain intact throughout the games, fostering camaraderie and teamwork.

Each challenge encourages critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. After each activity, teams engage in reflective discussions, guided by our experienced staff. Cap off the day with an awards ceremony and unwind by the ocean. Activities range from water balloon volleyball to sandcastle-building, ensuring a day of fun and bonding.

Package Includes:

Round-trip coach transfer

All necessary sporting equipment and safety gear

Expert instructors to oversee activities

BBQ dinner, soft drinks, and water

Activity Features:

Detailed timeline for seamless execution

Pre-activity briefing and post-activity debrief

Provision of all required materials

Customizable activities tailored to your objectives, whether for fun or learning-focused


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