Dune Buggy Challenge

Strap into high gear and rock those dunes in our two-seater, specially-designed Desert Fox dune buggies, crafted to deliver a thrilling experience!

Dune Buggy Challenge

The desert offers much in terms of challenges, and with Explorer Tours’ Desert Fox, the challenges get much more interesting! Participants will be divided into teams of 2, with one person being the designated driver. The passenger will be given a bucket filled with water to hold. Teams will then proceed to make their way across a 1KM course with the aim being to finish the race in the least amount of time and with the least amount of water being spilt in the process. Water levels will be measured along with the time taken to complete the course to determine a winner!
Our package includes:
-Transportation to and from the desert
-Safety briefing upon arrival
-Experienced convoy leader
-Backup team with mechanical assistance
-Helmet & goggles
-Soft drinks & water
*Note: All participants to sign a disclaimer form.

This activity includes:
-A specific timeline
-Briefing before the activity and a debrief once the activity is complete
-Any materials required for the activity will be provided
-Activities can be either fun or learning-focused, depending upon your requirements.


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