Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

Do you have what it takes to be Team Number One

The Amazing Race

Using only an envelope with instructions, a city map, local transportation, and information from the local population at your disposal, partake in a riveting, inner-city scavenger hunt designed to challenge your ability to tackle challenges and test the limits of your team’s ability to communicate effectively and corporate, combing your way through the city to reach the finish line!

Always wanted to be in The Amazing Race? Explorer Tours has got you covered, with our very own adventure. Teams must band together and focus on the strengths each one brings to the table to solve the challenges that stand before them and being Team Number One!

Our Package Includes:

Transport Land Cruiser with a driver
Necessary gear for the race
Expenses that might be incurred during the adventure
Nol Card for Dubai Metro
Taxi, water taxi and museum fees
Qualified and experienced instructors

What to Bring:

Loose, comfortable clothing
A hat and sunglasses
Trainers/Walking shoes
Mobile Phone with camera (at least one per team)
Personal medications if you are on prescription

This Activity Includes:

A specific timeline
Briefing before the activity and a debrief once the activity is complete
Any materials required for the activity will be provided
Activities can be either fun or learning-focused, depending upon your requirements.


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