A true challenge of body and mind as you make your way across scenic and breath-taking terrain. The trek will be facilitated by experienced guides who have an in-depth knowledge of the trails and the landscape and can customise the trek according to your requirements! Spend the afternoon challenging yourself mentally and physically as you make your way across the terrain. Your safety is our number one priority. In this light, we will provide you with transport, both to and from the site, in a minibus. Our tours are guided and we expect you to follow the guide and remain with the group at all times for your safety. Lunch will also be provided upon request.


Upon arrival at the Showka Dam meeting point you will receive your packed lunch (if booked) and a safety briefing from your Trek Leader who will answer any questions you may have regarding the Trek. Climb the “tyrering stairs” up and over “Mount Doom” and down to the bottom of the valley of ‘”Mordor”. Here, we’ll catch our breath to ensure none are left behind and everyone is safe and happy. We then proceed along the edge of the riverbed and on to “Rivendale”, where we will stop for a light snack and refreshments. Then, it’s through “Rivendale” and onto the coursing waters of the rockpool, where we will stop for a lunch break (15-20 mins). Then we scale the length of the “White Wall” which will take us to the bottom of “Dragon’s Back”, a short but steep climb (300m). Your hearts will be pumping and thumping as we head up the “Dragons Back” to the trail on Mount Doom, to take in more spectacular views of the landscape that surrounds us! Once satisfied, we’ll head back home, ensuring you all arrive safely. Once you’ve had the chance to rest and use the washrooms, it’s in the coaches and back to the bustling city limits of Dubai!



Our package includes:

-To and fro transport provided

-Soft drinks & water

*Note: All participants to sign a disclaimer form upon availing the package. Individuals and small groups can join us on our scheduled days. You can choose from a basic or intermediate hike, based on your experience and fitness level.



This activity includes:

-A specific timeline
-Briefing before the activity and a debrief once the activity is complete
-Any materials required for the activity will be provided
-Activities can be either fun or learning-focused, depending upon your requirements.


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