Mind Mapping

Increase team spirit, collaboration and observational skills among employees with the mind-mapping activity!

Mind Mapping

This activity divides participants into teams led by team captains. Teams will proceed to explore a designated venue, taking in as much detail as possible within a designated time frame. When time runs out, the teams must leave the venue and answer questions based on what they came across based off of their memory.

The goal of this activity is to hone observational skills, picking up on details that could easily be missed in plain sight. Communication and collaboration are key to answering the questionnaire, while also promoting healthy competition between teams.

Duration: 60 minutes



This activity includes:

-A specific timeline
-Briefing before the activity and a debrief once the activity is complete
-Any materials required for the activity will be provided
-Activities can be either fun or learning-focused, depending upon your requirements.


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